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愛と大きな期待と共に。 ランディ、マーシャ

Dear Masato, Yoko, and Yuki:

We congratulate you on the opening of the Ecological Democracy Foundation. At this time in our history, nothing is more important than to improve society and heal nature; improve nature and heal society. Naosu.

We can no longer allow our hard-won democracies to be controlled by the short-term profiteering of global capital, a condition in which we as citizens sometimes participated when we vote, consume, and complain. This causes the environment and society to deteriorate. It creates a shallow democracy that we must work ceaselessly to transform into a deep democracy that we all govern.

Society guided by principles of ecological resilience improves and heals the natural and social community as one community. When we heal and improve society and nature each of us becomes more human, both primal and cultured. This is the foundation of an ecological democracy – one that embraces the earthworm and the performance of Noh, the rice farmer and the watershed, the community activist and community prophet. We develop our fullest human potential as we treat all creatures and ecosystems fairly and with respect.

Our place-based economic investment guarantees local empowerment and responsible actions. Our collective creativity allows us to do exceptional things. This is both the promise and burden of ecological democracy. And we applaud your creation of it.

Our only sadness on this day is that we cannot be with you in the flesh. However we are with you in spirit. You and your laboratory have long been an innovative center of ecological and participatory research and action. This Ecological Democracy Foundation grows from that tradition.

May your ecological democracy rise up as a flock of so many small nightingales and change the world.

With love and great expectations, Randy and Marcia

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